SLP / Project Inspire


To provide the child the opportunity to learn at his/her own pace and build up their self- esteem


  • To assist slow learners
  • To achieve zero defect in reading and writing and arithmetic
  • To motivate and build up their self-esteem
  • To make learning fun


  • To achieve basic skills in 3Rs and science
  • To build self-confidence in learning


To enable slow learners (without medical problems or learning difficulties) to join the mainstream class teaching within 3 to 6 months of inclusion in ‘Project Inspire’ using the special modules.


These students are separated from the mainstream and given more personal attention and concentrated teaching. CHILD has prepared special modules in English, Bahasa malaysia, Science and Mathematics for this programme. Once the children start to improve and are competent they will be returned to the mainstream. The programme has been in operation for two years, and will be expanded to 35 schools in 2007. Sixty percent of the children participating in the CHILD pilot project improved within 3 to 6 months and could be rehabilitated back to the mainstream. The main beneficiaries of the programme are children of working class parents and single parents.


  • Identify schools that need this project
  • Identify the slow learners
  • Train the teachers
  • Use “ Project Inspire ” modules and other materials
  • Meet Headmasters and PIBG to discuss the pros and cons of the programs
  • Train the teachers to use the project inspire modules and carry out enrichment activities
  • Provide suitable modules and work book for the activities
  • Give the diagnostics tests to set benchmark
  • Monitor the program closely using checklists
  • Conduct quarterly exams to monitor progress
  • Conduct subject and motivational camps
  • Make home visits and parenting talks

Program overview

Special educational material and teaching aids are certainly helpful. It is with this in mind that CHILD has conceptualized and prepared the SLP Modules. They fill in a large vacuum in the availability of such material for vernacular school children. It is our sincere hope that these modules will benefit the slow learners and enable as many of them and in as short a time as possible to join the mainstream class of their normal peers.

With extra time, effort and support complemented with the SLP modules and tempered with love, compassion and reverence, slow learners will reach the shores with what is required of them, to be of use to themselves and the nation.

The successful completion of the teaching modules for Slow learners is in four core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science and Tamil is a significant milestone in CHILD’s vision to ensure all children are literate to expectation by the time they cross standard three in all schools adopted by CHILD. It was just under two years ago when CHILD took up the challenge to address the Slow Learner problem. Its achievements to date reflect how seriously it views the Slow Learner issue.

This enormity of the project was daunting and it would not have been successful in such short time if not for the untiring and consummate efforts of Dr. P.Kunaletchumy in providing the leadership, Mdm. Minachee and the quality control team and teachers for their selfless and the able support.

Project Brief

The slow learners will be separated from the mainstream and given close, personal and concentrated teaching. Modular books and other materials will be used by a dedicated teacher to motivate, inspire and infuse into the students the confidence they so lack. As they improve, they will be returned to the mainstream.


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