Reading And Writing In English (RAW)


  • To improve the level of proficiency in the English language amongst the children
  • To inculcate the reading habit amongst the children and to reduce illiteracy
    leaern- ladybird

    Student in Action of RAW programme

  • To enable them to express themselves clearly and build effective                                   communication and writing skills in English


To enable every child in the programme to be able to read, write and speak comfortably in English by the time he begins the fourth standard.


In Time all primary schools in the country will be adopted under this project.


At present the focal thrust of the programme is to improve skills in English. The premise is that if a child can read, understand and communicate effectively in the particular language of instruction it gives the child the self-confidence and the motivation to pursue the study of that subject content and attain a level of excellence in it. Furthermore it encourages the child to enjoy reading inculcating the “reading habit”.


-Read with Lady Bird

Ladybird is famous for its wide range of reading series, which children, parents and teachers have loved and relied upon for generations. Ladybird will take a child from a starter reader thought to being a confident, independent reader who enjoys reading and writing and loves books! The ranges include traditional stories, classroom packs, flash cards, mini hardbacks and activity books.

Read with Ladybird is a structured, progressive reading programme designed to support teaching methods used in schools. The books each contain four and five short stories or rhymes, enabling you to choose whether to read a little bit at a time or the whole book. This enables children to develop their reading stamina gradually. Texts are varied: there are examples of non-fiction, original stories, rhymes and myths. Books 1-8 are for beginner readers. Books 9-16 enable children to practice earlier vocabulary and encounter different types of reading material, and books 17-20 build reading stamina and develop independent reading.

Implementation Children in Primary 1 to 3 in National and Vernacular schools will be selected on interest and cooperation forthcoming from the respective school and education department authorities.

CHILD will explain the aims and objectives of the RAW to the school authorities.

CHILD will provide the reading materials and explain the use and methodology of the use of the reading materials to the teachers.

The role of the school is commitment to the programme and cooperation and willingness of the teachers to implement the programme and evaluate the performance of the children based on formats provided.

teacers workshop

RAW Workshop

This is a three year project starting with standard 1 and progressing to standard 3.

CHILD Believes…

  • The children will have a strong command of the English language
  • This will help them in the other subjects which are taught in English
  • Students gain confidence to communicate and express themselves in English

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