Comprehensive Integrated Tamil School (CITS)


To improve the academic performances of the children adopted from Tamil schools by achieving a consistent pass rate of 70% and bringing  it on par with the national type schools within a period of 6 years.

CITS commences by forging a strong tripartite partnership between the parents, school and community to create a strong ‘school community’ that will take an abiding interest in the affairs of the school, its pupils and the teachers and take pride in its overall performance. The partnership also helps to implement the CITS program in the respective school with support from well wishers and philanthropists in the community.


  • To create administrators who are highly motivated, committed and hard working.
  • To create skilled teachers
  • To create a change in mindset among Parents
  • To create students who will be the pride of our community and nation
  • To create a community proud of their Children and Tamil schools


  • Assist year 3, 4, 5, and 6 students to improve their education by rendering guidance in their homework
  • Enrichment activities to excel in UPSR
  • To achieve at least 75% overall pass rates
  • Assist the students with SLP programs
  • Prepare them for their secondary school education and environment
  • Create awareness amongst the parents on the importance of education


  • Increased self esteem among Tamil School students
  • Lifelong learning experience
  • Students are empowered with independence
  • High level tolerance and cooperation among friends

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