CARE (Post Primary Programme)


The CARE, initiated in 2005 in Jasin (Melaka) and 2008 in Sungai Pelek (Selangor),  is a caring, sharing and nurturing  programme, designed as a supporting / mentoring  programme for post – primary students, that is from Form One (1) to Form Five (5). The programme identifies and remedies the weaknesses of the children, who are caught in the transition process from vernacular schools to national schools when they join at Form one.

The transition period, poses a problem for the students who are unable to cope to their new environment in national schools and therefore become disillusioned and they constitute breeding grounds for social deviants, disappointing performances in lower secondary and SPM public examinations.

Main Objective

To provide support, guidance and inspiration for the post UPSR students to adjust and adapt to the new challenging environment of the Secondary National Education System, so as to enable them to survive and sustain their interest in studies and perform well.

Specific Objectives

1) To improve students’ competency in Bahasa Melayu and English,

2) To improve students’ academic performance in Science and Mathematics,

3) To expose students’ to social, behavioral, ethical and spiritual values, and

4) To develop students’ creative skills.

Target Group / Beneficiaries

There are presently two centers functioning, one in Melaka (Jasin) and the other in Selangor (Sg Pelek) catering to 278 students.

The beneficiaries are students from marginalized, under- privileged and economically challenged backgrounds / families. The programme is open to students of all ethnics groups and the indigenous.


Primary activities are carried out through 2 main components as follows:

Component 1: Preparing students to new environment through personal development, motivate self-study and improve language skills.

Component 2: Conducting non-residential weekend sessions to improve academic and language skills of the students.

The on-going activities include:

a)      Academic Classes

b)      Parents Meeting

c)      Students Empowerment Camps and Motivation Talks

d)      High Achievers’ Day

e)      Educational Tours

f)       Career Guidance Courses


* Weekend programme classes are conducted at the 2 centres providing academic, social, motivation and extra-curricular activities by teachers around the area.

* Subject Camps and Students Empowerment Camps (Self – Development Camps) are held during school holidays.

* Specific language classes are held to improve Students Competency in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The project is being monitored and evaluated at the CHILD Secretariat. Centre Coordinators are required to submit relevant progress reports on set formats to CHILD Secretariat. CHILD Secretariat also makes site visits to monitor project is being implemented as scheduled.


CHILD has mentored about 1200 Secondary school students from 2008-2012 at the 2 centres. These students have performed academically well in the PMR and SPM Examinations. Also, they have been moulded into exemplary role models, many of whom are currently pursuing tertiary education. The programme is appreciated by the parents, teachers and the community who are realizing the benefits of the programme to the students.


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