CHILD Selangor Combine Preschool Sports 2017

CHILD Selangor Combined Preschool Sports 2017

Combined SELANGOR Preschool sports held on 18th June 2017 at SMK Dharma Puchong.

Guest of Honour                     : Mr. Arumugam

: Mr Daniel Maniam

Guest                                       : Mr. Arumugam

CHILD BOD Members          : Mr. Arumugam

: Mr. Dr Iyngkaran

: Dr. Kunalecthumy

PIBG SJKT                             : Mr Thirunavukarasu (SJKT RRI Sg Buloh)

: Mr Gunasegaran (SJKT TAMAN Permata Dengkil)

Master of Ceremony               : Ms Ushananthini Balakrishnan

Marshall                                  : Mr. Jaya, Mr Prakash

Judges                                     :  Mr. Danial Maniam

: Ms Komathy SJKT Bkt Darah

Secretariat                               : Madam Sarada Devi

: Ms. Pathmavathy Velauthan

No of Preschools                              : 11

No of Students                                 : 460

No of Teachers and Parents        : 100

CHILD Secretariat staffs were among the early birds and they immediately commenced their jobs by also arranged the prizes / trophies / medals / hampers / souvenirs on the right hand of the MC tent.

Students, teachers with their and parents arrived in cars and busloads from their various destinations in Selangor. Upon arrival, and after registration at the registration counter, they proceeded to their respective tents to start decorating their houses.

The MC, marshall and judges also took up their respective positions and the MC made a general announcement that the event for the day is the Combined Selangor Preschool Sports Day, welcoming each and every one and thereafter continued as per the Sports programme.

The Sports programme kicked started with the arrival of the Guest of Honour and  CHILD BOD members Mr. Arumugam and followed by MC’s announcements as below :-

i)                    Welcome speech by Guest of Honour      :Mr. Arumugam


Students from SJKT RRI, the host, led the March past and all the Tadika lined up in front of the VIP’s podium, displaying the name of their Tadika. The March past was indeed a very colorful event, whereby, the preschoolers and their teachers displayed their talent and creativity immensely.

Judges for the March past are as follows:-

i)                    Mr. Danial Maniam


March past was judged as per the following criteria:-

i)                    Marching                           : 30 marks

ii)                  Attire                                 : 30 marks

iii)                Creativity                          : 20 marks

iv)                School Board / Flag          : 10 marks

v)                  Discipline                          : 10 marks

Total                                 : 100 marks

Winners for “Marchpast” are as follows:-

i)                    Tadika Tamil Forum Malaysia

ii)                  Tadika Seri Teratai Jaya

iii)                Tadika Cinta Ilmu

After Marchpast, the various formalities were completed as follows:-

i)                    Recitation of Iraivalthu by student from SJKT RRI

ii)                  Playing of national anthem – Negaraku

iii)                Recitation of Sports Oath by student from SJKT RRI

iv)                Opening dance by students of SJKT RRI

Sports Events:-

i)                    50 meters running (boys & girls)

ii)                  4 years (group A & GROUP B)

  • planting flowers
  • Complete Air Balloon

iii)                5 years (group A & B)

  • Catching ducks
  • Match Form

iv)                6 years (group A & B)

  • hanging clothes
  • Water filling in bottle

v)                  Games for parents

vi)                Games for teachers

At the same time as the events were in progress, the judges inspected the houses of the 11 Tadika to ascertain the selection of the Best House. The following judges were entrusted for this job :-

i)                    Mr. Danial Maniam

The “Best House” was judged as per the following criteria :-

i)                    Best Decoration                :           30 marks

ii)                  Theme                               :           20  marks

iii)                Cleanliness                        :           30 marks

iv)                Team Spirit                        :           10 marks

v)                  Hospitality                                    :           10  marks

Total                                 :           100 marks


Winners for “Best House” are as follows:-

i)                    Tadika Cinta Ilmu

ii)                  Tadika Sinar Cahaya Jaya

iii)                TadikaTaman Permata

Prize presentation was carried out after each event was finalized. Prizes were given by Mr. Arumugam, Mr.Kandiah, Madam Sarada Devi (CHILD Manager), Mr. Chandran (Headmaster, SJK (T) RRI).  Mr. Ramakrishnan & Mr. Jayakumar (LPS Chairman & member).

Souvenirs and tokens were presented to the MC, marshall, judges and helpers for taking their time to be present at this event and their untiring efforts.

Dr Kunalecthumy presented the challenge trophy to Tadika Seri Teratai Jaya who emerged as the overall Champion.

Winners for “Champion Trophy” are as follows:-

i)                    Tadika Seri Teratai Jaya

ii)                  Tadika SJK(T) RRI

iii)                Tadika Cinta Ilmu

Food packets and water were handed out to all students and teachers as per the prior arrangement.

Parents and other spectators indicated the sport was very well organized. CHILD thanks the host SJK (T) RRI for the moral and material support in particular the PIBG, Headmaster and teachers.






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