CHILD – Yayasan Hasanah 1st Parents Enrichment Programme

The 1st Parents Enrichment Programme(PEP) were held between the months of March to April at CITS participated schools with parents and teachers. The dates and number of participated parents and teachers were as follows:

•             SJK (T) Ayer Tawar, Perak (18/4/17) = 40 parents and 20 teachers

•             SJK (T) St. Theresa’s Convent, Perak (19/3/17) = 25 parents and 10 teachers

•             SJK (T) Ladang Regent, Negeri Sembilan (16/3/17) = 46 parents and 20 teachers

•             SJK (T) Rantau, Negeri Sembilan (16/4/17) = 41 parents and 10 teachers

The objective of this activity is to improve parental concern and awareness to ensure parents take an interest in their children’s education. Motivational talks are held to change perception and attitude of the parents towards their children’s education so that they become effective partners with teachers for the benefit of their children. Parents were given talk on awareness of their roles and responsibilities in their children’s academic performance and as well motivate them to take an active interest in school affairs.

Apart from that, the purpose of this programme was to create partnership between school management and parents so as to help the school implement school activities and at the same time improve their children’s education. The main purpose of this programme was to bring about closer relationship between home and school management, so that parents and teachers would be able to cooperate towards improving the education of the children by building a conducive learning environment.

Overall the programme met its objective by enabling the parents to understand their roles and responsibilities in their children’s academic performance. The programme had been very successful as many parents benefited from the programme.



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