CHILD – Kumpulan Perangsang Programme

English is an important link language for international communication, information, science and technology. Unfortunately, children in rural areas are particularly weak in English. This denies them the opportunity to widen their horizons of knowledge in general. Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad (KPSB), together with CHILD, partnered with 3 schools to run the Reading and Writing Programme (RAW).  The three schools were SJK (T) Sg Choh, Rawang, SJK (T) Hicom, Shah Alam and SJK (T) Taman Melawati. 40 students were selected from each school to participate in this Programme.

Ladybird books were used in the RAW programme as the main teaching tool.  The RAW Programme is designed to create a generation of children who are able to read, write and converse in English fluently. It also aims to inculcate and promote a life-long reading culture among the students.

KPSB also worked together with CHILD and these schools in conducting the Special Learners Programme (SLP) or Project Inspire as it is fondly known.  SLP was initiated by CHILD to encourage, inspire and facilitate slow learners into gaining a foothold in the education system in Malaysia.  This is garnered by systematically developing in them an interest in learning through fun reading and writing exercises and games. These exercises are conducted through very colourful fun learning modules specially prepared by CHILD which covered four subjects: Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Tamil, English Language and Science. 10 students were selected from each school to participate in this Programme.

Reading Corner was also set up in each school. Brand new story books in English Language, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Tamil, Scrabbles board games and Arts and Crafts tools sets were supplied to each Reading Corner.

Workshop for Teachers

The meeting was held on 1st July 2016. Teachers were introduced to the Reading and Writing Programme (RAW) and the Slow Learners Programme (SLP).  They were guided in the different ways to motivate and facilitate the learners through fun learning. The teachers also shared their own strategies on how to implement both Programmes using the books and modules provided by CHILD and how to monitor and assess the student’s progress through proper documentation.


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