The Rising Sun

Our Promising Youth

By Dr P Kunaletchumy & Dr N Iyngkaran

(Programme Directors)

As the rising sun is a symbol of hope to mother earth, our youth are a symbol of our community’s hopes. As the dawn of another new day brings with it fresh hope for the dreamers to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams, youth are our hope for the fulfillment of our unfulfilled hopes. As the early morning dew busts into a glittering array of rainbow colors so also our youth, their inherent talents restlessly waiting to burst upon us to purposeful activities if only their hearts can be pierced with love, compassion and reverence. Our youth are our community’s rising sun.

They are pregnant with ideas and ideals all queuing at the brains edge, eagerly waiting to be released for action. Their youthful zest and abounding energy must be allowed free reign but graced by self-reining discipline.

As we pray to the Sun God to invoke His blessings, we ‘pray’ to our youth that they gain wisdom to lead the community into a quality of life marked by technological, literary and cultural skills, spiritual-ethical values characterized by love, compassion and reverence for all creation.

For this we have to provide our youth quality education glued with spiritual values, cultural pride and ethical convictions. They must be given freedom of thought and expression and our ears at all times.

CHILD’S Young Professional Grooming (YPG) student magazine Ilangkathir of Rising Sun is one small step in this direction. The promoters believe that the magazine provides an effective platform for our youths to express and exhibit their thoughts ideas, ideals and experiences through the test of creative writing. For Ilangkathir is the total effort of, by and for the youth.

It is fortuitous and auspicious that the inaugural issue of Ilangkathir hits the student’s circuits on Independence Day, 31st August. As the nation celebrates its release from the fetters of the colonialists, the YPG youths celebrate the birth of their own magazine, Ilangkathir, which promises to carry and convey to the community their independent thinking, responsibility, capability and creativity.

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