1. What is CHILD?

CHILD is a voluntary non profit organization which optimizes opportunities for the less fortunate and disadvantaged children to realize  their full potential.

2. What is the purpose of this organization?

The purpose of this organization is to provide educational assistance for needy children, irrespective of race, religion or creed.

3. What type of programmes does CHILD conduct for the needy children?

CHILD conducts Preschool, RAW (Reading and Writing), SLP (Slow Learners), CITS (Comprehensive Integrated Tamil School) and CARE (Post Primary ) programmes.

4. Who is running this organization?

It is run by the Board of Trustees and dedicated volunteers.

5. Who are the Donors/Funders?

Our donors/funders are CCI/MCEF, HSBC, CITIBANK, CHRYS capital, SAGE3, EZY pay scheme of individual donors or direct & corporate donors, Selangor State Government, State Assemblymen and Parliamentarians.

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