CHILD was incorporated in December 1984 under the Companies Act 1965 and operates as a voluntary non-profit organization, funded solely from the general public and subscription of its members. The promoters of the company render their services without receiving any payment or allowance.


CHILD is a voluntary social movement that attempts to optimize opportunities for the less fortunate and disadvantaged children in our midst to realize their full potential.

The Problem

“The best educated human being is the one who understands most about the life in which he is placed”-

Helen Keller

While middle and upper income groups have access to good educational, social and health facilities, those from the less advantaged sectors are not as fortunate. In addition, many children drop out even before completing primary education or perform poorly for a variety of reasons: poor parental concern, low expectations, malnutrition, poor health, inadequate educational facilities and a non conductive home environment. School dropouts, frustrated by unemployment and lack of direction, often become anti-social elements and drug addicts. CHILD believes that this potentially serious problem can be ameliorated if underprivileged children in our community are provided with additional social facilities, health and nutritional support and value orientation. CHILD believes that the government alone cannot shoulder this enormous burden. Individuals and voluntary organizations ought to share the concern and complement the government’s effort s to assist the less privileged.

Child 2008

CHILD programmes are therefore specifically tailored to benefit children between the ages of 5 to 15 years.


  • Less privileged and disadvantaged children to realize their optimal potential

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