CHILD Logo Rationale




a) The “Ring”

Surrounded by two circles, one lesser than the other, the symbols of the insignia are encompassed and hemmed in by a ring of black. The ring acts as the boundary distinguishing the logo, at the same time indicating security and equality, extremely important qualities that sum up the family unit as the cornerstone of society.

b) The Name

At the bottom of the lower hemisphere of the ring the name of the organization is spelled out in sober black; CHILD.  Again is keeping with the tincture of the ring, black is used, taken as symbol – izing the clarity of the vision of aiding children in need and the lack of bright colours indicates seriousness and devotion to the prescribed goals of the organization.


c) The Trinity

A trio of red symbolic representations of people dominates the upper hemisphere of the ring. Posed in a triangle, the equal distribution again implies equality and the notion of something shared, in this case filial love and family blood ties. Individually the ‘heads’ may be taken to represent the three components of the classic nuclear family model; the father, the mother and the child of either gender (boy and girl, together as one genderless child). They also comprise the three core elements required for domestic stability; self – reliance government assistance and the contribution of voluntary communal organizations. Scarlet chevrons meet below each ‘head’ forming an approximation of welcoming arms, inviting, implying embrace and togetherness, highlighting family unity. In addition, they symbolize the textbook rendering of books, an invaluable resource of knowledge open and ready to be used, indicating the importance of education in a growing child’s life and in the life  of a maturing community.


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