CHILD Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Crafts and Graduation Preschool Activities. Graduating from preschool or kindergarten is an important milestone in the life of your child. It is a big step to leave preschool and go to Kindergarten or to go from Kindergarten to first grade. Young Children can be struggling with change new school, new children, new teacher. They are likely filled with mixed emotions.

Graduation Ceremony is a mandatory ceremony that is held by all preschools at the end of the academic calendar year. This ceremony is held for the sole purpose of appreciating and awarding the 6 years (level 3) preschool student’s performance in school. During this ceremony, students perform many different  arts  such  as   dancing,  singing,  drama,  etc.  Also,   A   Certificate of   graduation and accomplishment is given on this day.

The Selangor combined Preschool Graduation for 2011 was held at the SRK (T) Simpang Lima, Sri Andalas, Klang, and was hosted by Tadika Rakyat on the 13th of November, 2011 at 3.30 p.m.Every school presented one cultural item which impressed the audience especially the parents. The Guest of Honour for the function was YB Dr. Xavier Jayakumar,  the Wakil Rakyat DUN Sri Andalas of Selangor.  A total of 11 Preschools from Selangor which consisted of 118 students and 24 teachers attended the Graduation ceremony.

The Graduation ceremony was well represented by Parents, PIBG’s and members of the CHILD Secretariat.

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